Below you’ll find quotes from prior co-workers and managers that I’ve worked with in the advertising and marketing industries. Along with my education degrees and certification details. 


Elizabeth Mantovani, Director of Operations

I had the opportunity to work with Jessica on a number of initiatives while working for SIG. She is incredibly hard working, personable and quick to accept many new challenges. Our company is 100% remote and that type of environment requires good work ethic and communication skills, all of which Jessica successfully accomplished. Jessica has a wide variety of skills and wore a number of different “hats” for SIG including but not limited to coordinating and editing podcasts, designing webinar graphics, management of our summit inventory and other critical summit related tasks. She also edited blog entries by our SIG University students and excelled at social media promotion. Jessica is also extremely creative and talented in graphic design and video editing as well. 

Sajin Sahadevan, Digital Marketer, IT and Events Support

Jessica is an unbelievable talented marketer. She loves her craft and is exceptional at communicating her ideas while embracing the clients’ needs. Our product Dock turns to her again and again for her excellent, creative designs and blogs. Though she was an asset to our marketing efforts, Jessica was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. In addition to writing effective email templates, videos and voice overs, Jessica generated leads through landing pages and social media management by following content development . She would be an asset to any employer and I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue. 

Tracie Kendziora, Writing and editing expert.

Collaborative and creative are two of the best words to describe Jessica. I had the pleasure of working with Jessica at PSAV, where we collaborated on design and marketing projects daily. Jessica’s ability to constantly come up with new, engaging, and innovative ideas and designs was incredibly impressive and made my job so much easier. And she had the best attitude — I could always count on her to break the ice! I highly recommend Jessica as a designer, a storyteller, and a content producer and strategist.

Lindsay Forrest, Account Executive

After working with Jessica for several months, she is a dedicated employee, marketing professional and creative thinker. She transformed our entire marketing platform and content outreach through continuous education on inbound and outbound marketing through HubSpot. I would recommend her for any Marketing/ Advertising or creative position.

Matt Brunworth, Graphic Artist & Photographer

Jessica goes beyond the basics and understands it takes more than just knowing how to use a program to be good at a job. Her level of software skill is exceptional, but she also understands the importance of speed, accuracy, keeping current on the software and learning efficient ways of working. As a bonus, Jessica has a pleasant, cheerful disposition that makes the work more enjoyable.

Richard Lester, Clinical Professor at Texas A&M University

I had the privilege recently of meeting and advising Jessica throughout one of our programs which is an intense 5 week academic and practical immersion experience. I found Jessica extremely bright, engaging, talented, and inquisitive as a student yet well grounded by her past experiences. She is a person of high character with a strong work ethic and I recommend her without reservation.

snapshot of the blood, sweat and tears that I put into my craft.

education & certification.

bachelors of science

Entertainment Business at Full Sail University from 2011-13

Master of Arts

New Media Journalism at Full Sail University from 2013-14

Associates Degree

Multimedia & Web Design at the Art Institute of Atlanta from 1999-2001

Professional certification

Content Marketing certification from HubSpot, 2018-2020.

Professional certification

Inbound Marketing certification from HubSpot, 2018-2020.

Professional certification

Guest Blogging – Gained skills in writing articles specifically to be picked up by major publications as a guest writer, 2017

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Freshness Progress 83%

My bio.

jessica c. northey

I’m an independent multimedia designer that’s eager to integrate creative and innovative designs and concepts into your digital marketing projects.

I have a background in print and digital design for marketing and advertising agencies for over 20 years. The clients I’ve worked with include Coca-Cola, Baskin-Robbins, Walt Disney World Resorts, Universal Studios Orlando and many more.

Metis Creativity was developed to assist entrepreneurs to focus on making the world a more beautiful place with their core business and leave the digital design strategies to us. 

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