Editorial Photography

Content development and design for social media marketing through original video, graphics and photography–why is it important?

#1 – You need high quality content to rank in Google: High quality content has many characteristics and one them is original content. When Google is crawling a page and detects that the content of the page is already available in their index, then most probably they will simply ignore it. If this happens for a lot of pages of the same website then it will gradually harm the performance of that website is Google Search.

#2 – You need good content to do well in social media marketing: Besides Google if you want to succeed in social media marketing and encourage users to engage with your content then you need something which is at least unique (original of course is always better).

#3 – It’s the basis of any successful content marketing campaign: Content marketing is of course about content and if you don’t provide for content that is of high quality, then most likely your content marketing campaign will fail creating a negative impact on your SEO and social media marketing.

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Photography of food in its natural environment for social media and blogs. Imagery to promote new restaurants and foodie events. 


Interior and exterior photography using natural light. Photography can capture moments as well as record history. 


Editorial photography for social media and blogs to promote new and annual events and theme park experiences. Photography taken in the moment. 

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