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The Culture of Content

Content is for more than just marketers. Content comes from the entire organization, but predominantly comes from the public-facing functions like customer service, sales, marketing, and product development, as well as the executive suite.

We’re seeing the rise in the culture of content because brands are publishers, and employees are also becoming publishers. Some might shrug it off as noise instead of being a signal, but as channels, platforms, and devices become more proliferated, employees are becoming better able to be the voice of their brand.

When you include the requests made by social media, thought leadership, sales, real-time marketing, customer service, and recruit teams, and you’ll see there’s never been more demand for the continued creation, refinement, repurposing, and reformatting of content.

Content can be used to elevate a number of functions, such as diverting calls from call centers and social selling, to increasingly effective digital channels. Smart organizations spread the word of this message because it saves money, empowers employees, thought leadership, and other benefits.

Advertising is Eclipsing

Digital advertising such as takeovers, banners, videos, and other formats are becoming less efficient. More people than ever are using ad blockers to deal with the problem of ad fraud. Marketers are faced with the challenge of finding new ways to reach their consumers, in a way that makes them happy rather than makes them angry.

Content is quickly moving past marketing and is becoming a piece of the puzzle that is the way people interact with the world around them.

@steveolenski is among the most influential writers in the space. Dubbed The CMO Whisperer & Distiller of Truth, he writes about marketing/advertising/branding in one way, shape or form.

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